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Recovery is Possible!

Our Residential program is for women only. We have developed this leading program from personal perspective of success. We blend addiction specific core education with clinical Dual Diagnosis therapies and intervention, along with the infusion of health and wellness in body (medical assessment retired nurse and husband doctor owned), spirit, and nutrition.

Dual diagnosis – Grief & Loss – Trauma Specific – PTSD (EMDR Therapy) – Anger Management – Nutrition and Diet – Diabetic Capable!  – Vivatrol Program      Behavior Modification -Spiritual Healing&Growth – Family & Relationships –  Life Skills – Occupational Assessment – Sober Living/Day Program –

Elite 10 Client Maximum- You are not a number at TMR


Addiction is a complex condition. We, at Tiger Mountain Recovery, believe that it requires complex treatment as well. Our residential and outpatient treatment programs encompass all traditional aspects of substance abuse and behavior treatment with an infusion of quality life skills training, self-care strategies, conduct management and coping skills that clients can take with them upon discharge as a relapse prevention measure. Treatment is designed to go beyond the four walls of the therapy office and be easily integrated into everyday life.


Women’s Residential Treatment

Women’s only residential programming for substance abuse is held exclusively at Tiger Mountain Lodge which is 6,000 sq ft – sits on a private 25 acre lake and has a 10 client capacity. That is ultimately important for exclusive ability to reflect and recover in an atmosphere that promotes health and well-being. Programing is based on accountability and authentic desire for recovery that is wrapped around the Equine therapeutic model that has been built from the ground up.

This program is different from other programs by providing you with all the tools you need for recovery along with a firm Spiritual base that we have found is essential for real recovery to occur, and based on techniques that have been proven successful. It is up to YOU.

Day Program (Partial Hospitalization) & Henry House Sober Living – For Women

Clients can participate in a full program developed to mirror our residential treatment but on an outpatient schedule while living in our Sober Living House Henry House Client’s participate in full programing through the day and “room in” overnight. Insurances that don’t cover residential services may cover this for treatment.

Henry House provides a sober living environment for women. Six clients can reside comfortably in this residential setting that includes the following services: life coaching, random drug testing support, and case management assistance. Cost per client is $150 per week food excluded.

Day Program – For Men

Clients can participate in a full program developed to mirror our residential treatment but on an outpatient schedule. Client’s begin at 8 am and are finished between 4-5. Clients will have own living arrangement and participate in more frequent drug screen throughout treatment. Insurances that don’t cover residential services may cover this for treatment.

Outpatient Treatment:

Outpatient programs are being offered for Men and Women suffering from alcohol and substance abuse issues, and will be held conveniently in downtown Henryetta, OK, with equine programing factored in as scheduled according to what phase client is participating in. Out Patient Programs vary although most will contain 120 hours of therapy to consist of Individual, Group, and Equine Groups that will be completed to attain a certificate of completion.

Program Modules

Education and activities that address the themes of Recovery Principles, Stages of Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Triggers/Reducers, Coping Skills, Codependency, Grief & Loss, Resentments, Family Dynamics, Women’s Issues, EMDR, PTSD, Co-Occurring Diagnosis, Trauma, Tolerations, Spiritual Development

Equine Therapy –  Self Esteem Projects  –  Addiction Education Groups – Parenting – Anger Management  –  Family Dynamics – Individual  –  Process Groups

Drug Testing Services:

Standard Urine Analysis of a 12 panel Drug Screen is offered by appointment. Payment per test is $35. If Insurance filing is requested prior authorization must be attained by Tiger Mountain Recovery business office 918-650-9292.

12 Step Meetings- Location: 316 West Main Street Henryetta 

Sunday at 6:30pm 12 Step Work Meeting

Mon-Wed at 7:00pm Closed Meetings

Thursday at 7:00pm Open Meeting

Saturday at 7:00pm Closed Meeting


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