Recovery Beyond Four Walls

At Tiger Mountain Recovery, we believe that overcoming active addiction requires comprehensive treatment. Our mission is to provide dual diagnosis addiction treatment that is designed specifically with the unique struggles of women in mind. Integrating the 12 Steps and SMART Recovery principles, we target evaluation and treatment from a client-centered perspective. By targeting spiritual growth and life skills development, we foster a holistic approach that promotes the principles of recovery into the every day life.

 The journey toward a new life in recovery requires support. Our women’s only residential drug and alcohol treatment program encompasses all traditional aspects of substance abuse with the added benefits of behavior treatment that infuses your recovery with quality life skills training, self-care strategies, conduct management and coping skills. Treatment is designed to go beyond the four walls of the therapy and be easily integrated into everyday life. Our 14 bed facility utilizes equine-assisted therapy to target the needs of clients in a profoundly impactful way. Come let our horses help you heal.

Our Program

        Our residential treatment program encompasses all of the traditional aspects of substance abuse treatment with an infusion of quality life skills training, self-care strategies, conduct management and coping skills that clients can take with them upon discharge as a relapse prevention measure. We strive to identify, support, and develop social and vocational skills through our vocational and equine therapy programs that will allow clients to maintain abstinence and enrich their daily lives in a positive way.

        Programming is on the leading edge of comprehensive modalities that blend medical, interpersonal, holistic, and behavioral & mental health care in with addiction treatment. This allows for total assessment in developing comprehensive plans for individual treatment to be client-led for each of our program participants. We believe that this adaptable framework is essential to our clients overall success. Our Residential Recovery Program is an all inclusive experience that sets you a tier above on your road to recovery. In our line of work, we believe that actions speak louder than words.


Facility regulated through Chapter 18 Title 450 (OAC).

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