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Healing from a life changing illness requires a total body and spirit focus. At TMR we begin at admission by completing a full assessment of each client. This allows your Team to assist you in gaining appropriate medical, mental, and lifeskills treatment for successful healing to take place.

Tiger Mountain Recovery provides Dual Diagnosis, Trauma, Crisis, Addiction with along with our onsite Laboratory in a beautiful rural residential setting that is tailored for the Ultimate care for women and women’s health issues. Our Professional Treatment Team along with individualized connection to care for medical issues that have or may surface during your recovery. We are comprehensive and can treat pregnant clients as well as insulin dependant diabetics.


Our Program is based on Empowerment that is grounded in accountability. Everything that clients are encouraged to do is focused toward applying structure to chaos. We use education, daily activities, horses, nature, and intense therapies that will give you all the tools you need to be successful. For example we use horses for behavior modification in ground work. It is very powerful to see an animal who mirrors our behaviors for benefit. This allows us to witness impact of our behavior in the world around us. 


A life in Successful Recovery is one that allows you to maintain Balance through life many challenges. Your physical and emotional/mental wellbeing are professionally managed within your individual plan of treatment. You will be guided to organize your Chronic Pain & Relapse Prevention Strategy at the onset of treatment.

Our program is designed to allow you to empower yourself to enable real balance. We guide you in assessment of each part of your life. This allows our elite team to create with the client their plan for success and management of life. Take the step toward your ability to really RECOVER today!

Onsite Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services
We are proud to offer on-site laboratory services for presumptive urine drug screens using the latest in EIA analyzer technology!  Our in-house lab allows for us to perform highly-reliable drug screens to aid in the recovery process by ensuring compliance with the agreed upon treatment plan.

We also offer additional services through our Laboratory Consultant, Trinity Laboratory Services, LLC, such as:

Definitive Urine Drug Confirmations: Using the latest in Liquid Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS), our consultants network labs can break down urine drug metabolites to the molecular level and determine exactly what drugs are in the patients system.  This enhance testing will assist with ensuring compliance to the treatment program and also rule out interfering substances.

PGx Testing:  The genetics of a patient have not routinely been taken into consideration for prescription medications.  It wasn’t clear how a patients genetic composition could react differently to medications other than the expected response.  Our consultant’s affiliated laboratory can clear up the link between a patients genetic composition and their response to medications through Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Testing.  A simple oral swab specimen can eliminate the need for trial & error medication monitoring for the desired patient outcome.

Blood Testing: General Wellness, Women’s Health, Diabetes, Cardiac Risk testing are also available through our Laboratory Consultant.  Unknown disease states, such as diabetes, cardiac risks and poor health can have a direct impact on the recovery process.  Blood testing will help us to model a treatment plan that will increase your rate of recovery by helping you obtain treatment for other medical problems that could hinder the process.

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