12 Lessons of February

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We are continually renewed in our dedication to unfolding within the wisdom of recovery. As winter on the ranch lets out its last month of chill, we wait for the transformation of spring to arrive. It is here, in this place, that we rebuild ourselves to restore our serenity. One day at a time, we sink into the moments that are helping us shift. The skills required of us each are laying the groundwork for support of the improved infrastructure that we will take back into our lives at home.

1. Be Adaptable

When we modify our behavior to accepting life on life’s term, we learn how to reshape our experiences. A better life happens when we alter our reactions to familiar situations.

2. Ask For Help

Needing help is not a weakness. As we are doing all that we can for ourselves, we reach out without hesitation when it is clear to us that extra help is needed. it is “God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

3. Apply Yourself Assertively

When we stand by and allow life to only ‘happen to us’ we rob ourselves of autonomy. In playing an active role in the choices and changes that we make, our assertive dedication pays off. With our will turned over, we find the courage to change.

4. Be Mindful of Body Language

When our words don’t match our body language, it is clear that there is a disconnect. Finding peace with our truths allows us to improve the ways that we communicate. As our speech is reinforced by mind, body, and spirit, we establish a more honest connection with others.

5. Keep Building Confidence

In active addiction, we are stuck in chaos. Our confidence in self and personal ability is revived in recovery. Restoring clarity is the beginning of a chain reaction of improvements throughout our lives.

6. Use Conflict Management Skills

In addressing conflict, we open the doors to more harmonious accords. It is far more helpful for us to overcome the contentions that disrupt our peace than to continue provoking them. By managing our conflicts we find our way back from the fray.

7. Utilize Cooperation

In recovery, we find that working with others is more useful than continuing to handicap ourselves with hostility. In the face of discord, we allow collaboration to lend its services to us. Together we grow.

8. Squash Stress With Cooking

It is the simple things that lead us back to confidence and serenity. When we can focus entirely on the tasks at hand, our anxieties take a back seat to the joy of activities of daily living.

9. Use Creative Thinking

It is harder to stay the course of obsessive and dysfunctional thought when we sink into our imaginations. Freed from the smog, we work through the internal maze. Creativity allows us to cycle through the swamp of thoughts and emotions that linger. As clarity is established, we locate renewed inspiration. The abilities to think, express, and let go gently evolve when we’re focused on development.

10. Apply Decision Making Strategies

We used to think that there was only one way to make decisions. In recovery, we are learning about all of the other systems of thought available to us. We’ve decided to live a different kind of life. Recovery is not compulsive, and in light of that revelation, we now think all things through to the result before we take action. As such, our judgments are continually improving.

11. Recenter Your Emotional Intelligence

No longer a victim to need or emotion, we can now accept and often enjoy sentiment for what it is. We understand the roles that it plays within our spirit but refuse to let it run our lives entirely. The more we learn to notice and accept each state as it passes, the more readily we experience positivity.

12. Exude Empathy

In recovery, we return from the wavelength of chaos. As insight and compassion are restored, we remember how to navigate responsive relationships. Allowing others to be there for us, we re-establish our capacity to reciprocate. Beyond the prison of use, we uncover the world of mutual understanding. The twelve lessons of February are but 12 of the vital life skills that we hope to instill in all of you for use in your walk of recovery within, and beyond, your stay at the ranch. As every new door appears in your life of sobriety, we pray that you can recall your ranch skills and continue tackling life with confidence and curiosity. There is never a single reason to use that outweighs your ability to overcome it. Your journey of healing is an empowered walk that recovers your serenity one step at a time.

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