A Grateful Mother

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A Grateful Mother

Being in the right place, at the right time, is crucial to a client's successful treatment experience. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment comes in many shapes and sizes across the country, and we have faith that all treatment centers are fighting the good fight against addiction. but we also believe in keeping things personal.

At Tiger Mountain Recovery, we center our services around the individual woman so that she not only gains tools and information that help her overcome her addiction, but so that she also gets back in touch with who she is, and where she's steering her journey forward to.

As we get to know clients, and their families, throughout their stay with us, we always welcome the opportunity to stay in touch after treatment is complete. Each client and family are unique sparks of inspiration for us, before, during, and after treatment because they KNOW what a miraculous discovery a life of recovery can be.

The success stories, where families are mended, individuals are restored, and lives are saved, is truly what makes recovery WORTH IT!

We are always happy to share with you the experiences of our alumni clients and families, in hopes that their experiences can continue to encourage you to believe in the life that IS POSSIBLE to you in recovery. If you are willing to brave the unknown, and courageously take the leap of faith into treatment, could this be you?

"I am the parent of a 23 year old year drug addict. Her addiction had control of her, and our, life for the last six years. My daughter had sought counseling, psychiatric help, out-patient drug treatment programs and in-patient treatment drug treatment programs with moderate measures of success along the way but nothing lasting.

Then came Tiger Mountain.

We chose Tiger Mountain because it is exclusively for women; they take no more than 10 clients at a time; their ability to address co-occurring issues and their belief in incorporating Equine Therapy a part of addiction treatment.

MY daughter will tell you that God sent her to Tiger Mountain. She left Tiger Mountain in February of this year after a five month stay in which, we all agree, saved her life. She says that she needed each and every minute of the 143 days she was there and each and every person on the Tiger Mountain team, who never lost faith in her. Even at her darkest moments.

From the first day she went to TMRC until the day she left, there was never any doubt that she was in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. She has a new sense of self, a new confidence, and a renewed passion for life and all its possibilities.

So on behalf of my daughter, her family, her friends, and all those who know and love her, a sincere and grateful and humble……


Not only were we all drawn to tears of joy at the peace and serenity that has been restored to this family, but we were revived once again, at the dedication to fight for the lives of the women that we serve.



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