Employment Opportunities

Tiger Mountain Recovery is a team-driven organization. If you are interested in joining our exceptional staff, please complete the employment application and submit it, along with your resume, to Tiger Mountain Recovery staff.

E-mail: employment@tmrecovery.com

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FAX: (918) 650-9720

Mail: 316 West Main Street, Henryetta, Ok, 74437

Please indicate on a cover letter what position you are interested in and any additional information that you feel is necessary to include:

Employment Application

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Chemical Dependency Technician

High School Diploma or GED minimum required

Preferred Experience 3-5 years

Hourly Pay

Ideal Candidate will possess the ability to provide a therapeutic environment for clients to achieve successful recovery; be flexible and able to manage unforeseen situations; be familiar with using computers to enter client data within HIPAA guidelines, and multi-task while utilizing effective support staff practices. Candidate will show “team approach” when dealing with day to day operations during employment. Identify, report, and assist with previously unknown issues that may hinder the safety and well-being of client and the Recovery Center or other residents as a whole.

Duties and Responsibilities (Including but not limited to)

  • Observe, monitor and report clients behavior in a coordinated effort with DRC and RD, and Administrator positions.
  • Identify, act on, and notify on-call supervisor of any potential emergency situation in a timely manner during times that Supervisory staff is not available directly; in concordance with the Emergency Management Manual. Including but not limited to medical or environmental emergencies.
  • Identify and document all appropriate behavioral and activities of daily living are in compliance of facility rules of conduct.
  • Provide support and direction to clients with carrying out activities of daily living as needed.
  • Observe clients while they self medicate approved medication and document each in accordance with Tiger Mountain Recovery policy and
  • Provide assistance with client needs and schedules in residential care.
  • Provide direct support to clients facilitating compliance with all rules and regulations of Tiger Mountain Recovery Center as documented in the Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Reports directly to the DRC, LPC, RD, and Administrator as appropriate.
  • Working environment is conducive to a recovery atmosphere, with support staff needed to effectively carry out all responsibilities, and Supervisory support as deemed necessary in compliance with all State regulations.
  • Must be able to lift 25# and carry out all said duties as listed above.