Addiction Facts You Can Afford

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Addiction Facts You Can Afford


Addiction takes everything. Mind, body, and spirit go bankrupt chasing a fix. The idea that treatment isn’t an option, simply isn’t true. Treatment is always an option. Whether you are seeking treatment options for yourself or a love one, there are many things to keep in mind about the cost of treatment versus the costs of active addiction.


The Price is HUGE


Every person with an addiction will experience variables across the life of their addiction. From the heartbreak of a 6 month long hole, to the agony of decades lost to dependency; the only difference is how long you’ve suffered. The degree to which you’ve suffered is always great enough to necessitate change. You see, the variables are far less important than the overarching idea that you will lose your life to that addiction in the long run.


Let’s consider an illustration of what you really can and can’t afford. As long as you’re still breathing, there’s no better time to get help, than right now. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll use lower end numbers:


An average heroin user spends $70 a day to feed their habit and avoid getting sick.

$70 x 30 days a month = $2,100

$2,100 x 12 months a year = $25,200


A year of addiction that costs around $25,200 will gobble up every penny, every happiness, and every opportunity that you may have had. Worse yet, it will always crave more, in endless succession.


The reality is that as tolerance builds, all drug expenditures go up rapidly, and this total ends up being much larger week by week, month by month. As mental capacity declines and desperation mounts, addiction demands that you find a way to afford continuing to feed it, by any means necessary.


What Can You Afford?


Sure, using gets you drunk or high and provides some temporary solutions. It may mask the pain of problems in your life, but it is neither driven or solution focused towards anything accept the next use.


You deserve more.


It’s common for the cost of residential drug treatment centers to run in the ballpark of $20,000 per month. Sounds like a lot at first glance, huh? Sounds like there’s no way to afford it. But if you’ve found a way to use at a cost of over $25,000 a year; it means that you’ve got a mindset resourceful enough to tackle it.


Being able to “afford” something means that you can manage the expense that something is costing you. ‘Cost’ is of course a financial assumption, but it also relates to time, energy, and emotional expenses as well. Deciding what you can afford, by definition, takes into account what expenses that you can incur with your spare resources. The whole idea of affordability is based on the idea that you can sustain your spending behaviors for a prolonged period of time.


It is an absolute truth that addiction cannot be sustained forever. The cost is too high in every regard. There’s always an end. Whether sooner or later, that end robs you of freedom, life, and the true capacity for love. The most common fallacy used to justify not seeking treatment is that, “I can’t afford it.”


You CAN afford treatment.


Sure, it may be inconvenient. It may be tough, but not only CAN you afford it, the rate of return that you receive is tenfold. If you were trying to feed your addiction, what lengths would you go to? Would you go to those same lengths to get well again? I hope so. While addiction does nothing but take for temporary reprieve, recovery gives back, over and over again.


  • Recovery yields solutions to get off the addiction merry-go-round
  • With it comes a sense of peace when you commit to taking it on as a longterm lifestyle change.
  • Recovery is sustainable.
  • Recuperation from active addiction gives you the freedom to re-establish your life.
  • It gives you the clarity of mind to repair broken relationships
  • It give you the tools to rebuild what you have lost along the way
  • It leads the way to refilling the voids that plaque you inside.

That’s a pretty amazing rate of return! One relatively small portion of your time, energy, and resources to turn everything in your life around.


Consider THIS


When someone is using; there’s nothing that can stop their tenacity to secure their score. Using any means possible, individuals find the resources to use. The instant gratification of drugs and alcohol is a lure that puts their cognitive skills to the test in order to seek and maintain dysfunctional behavior.


YOU CAN STILL USE THOSE SKILLS albeit in a much different capacity. The point is, everything that you need, is available to you right now. WHAT IF, those same character strengths (and yes, those are complex problem solving strengths) could be applied to a more functional endeavor instead. YOU ARE SO CAPABLE.


Treatment and recovery are not instantly gratifying solutions. No, they’re a process. First, it’s a temporary journey through withdrawal, and stabilization. Next comes reflection, education, and therapeutic healing. Each step is bursting with pivotal changes that slowly unravel the atrocities and pain that live with active addiction. In the long run, you connect with yourself again. You realize that the world is abundant with support and inspiration to help you heal.


Still Coming Up Short?


What if it doesn’t work?

It’s normal to have reservations. Addiction is a tricky and deceitful disease. Never let the fear of failure dissuade you from trying.


What are my options?

Treatment choices are vast, as are the options that you have to make it a reality for you. If you have insurance, calling your provider is the best place to start. If not, it’s time to investigate everything from scholarship programs, to non-profit providers, and financing programs; choices are out there. If you pursue the choices, you’ll find something that fits.


Make a choice. Make a change.


Whether we ever meet you on our mountain or not, we want you to know that healing is available to you. Never let something as small as the ideal of ‘affordability’ get in your way. You have the skills. It’s not too late. You are worth every effort. Don’t despair. Recovery works and if you look hard enough; you can find what works for you.

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