Guidelines for OutPatient Acceptance

Age: Adults 18+

Gender: Female

Type of Treatment: Drug & Alcohol Dependency Primary- Dual Diagnosis, Co-occurring

Medical: Prior to admission a Medical Stability form will need to be filled out by a physician, this must occur within 24 hours of admission. Client will also agree to random drug testing throughout treatment.

Emotional: Client accepted who can demonstrate they are ready for recovery, and are willing to participate in program plan of treatment.

Physical: Outpatient Clients that elect to actively participate in all drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs appropriate for plan of treatment should be able to function without major limitations. Out-patient office facilities are handicap accessible.

Spiritual: We believe that recovery is impossible without God-spiritual healing and ask that all individuals seeking addiction treatment at Tiger Mountain Recovery be open to exploring this aspect of their lives.

Prior Treatment: All Clients will be evaluated prior to admission to make sure of appropriate placement for care. Any prior records will be requested to enable us to develop a comprehensive plan of treatment.

Exclusionary Criteria

  1. Clients in need of medical detox (Referral assistance is available)
  2. Client in need of a higher level of care.
  3. Client’s inability to participate in the physical portion of the program.
  4. Psychiatric disorders which prohibit client’s ability to behave appropriately in a therapeutic group setting.
  5. Severe sexual disorders.
  6. Chronic aggressive behavior incompatible with a group living environment.
  7. Clients that are in need of a translator must have the ability to provide one, or TMRC will work with the client to attain one if possible.

OutPatient Rates

The Tiger Mountain Recovery continuum of care for residential treatment is designed for a 90 day length of stay.  Although each client is evaluated on an individual basis to assure the appropriate length of stay for a successful recovery.

Private Pay                                Most Insurance Accepted            Sooner Care (Out Patient Only)              


Please contact our admissions department for rates. 1-877-698-4437

The rates for residential treatment include items the resident will need during his/her treatment, including clothing and equipment necessary to participate in program activities. Additional costs and expenses that are the responsibility of the resident include medical examination, detoxification, laboratory work and incidentals. Payment is billed monthly for additional charges. Any other arrangements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For information on how we can help you are a loved one, please call us today. 877-698-4437