What to expect as you transition into residential treatment

We admire your courage in taking the first step in your journey toward overcoming chemical dependency. The decision to enter treatment with an open mind and a willing heart is a pivotal moment that can change your life in so many wonderful ways. Our staff will assist you through each part of them recovery process. To make the transition into residential treatment a little easier, we have provided you with some information on what to expect as you begin processing into our residential program.

Client Registration & Intake Completion

Clients complete a general registration packet which collects pertinent personal information such as name, mailing address, emergency contact, etc. During this process clients sign consent forms for treatment, agree to treatment and group therapy contracts, and receive notification of their rights. At this time, client baggage is checked for contraband items which are removed and stored until the time of discharge. Once the registration and intake process is complete, clients will receive room assignments and a client workbook, say goodbye to accompanying family members and will be taken to the recovery center where they can begin getting oriented with onsite staff and peers.

Family Telephone Contact

Residential treatment is designed to provide a serene environment where clients are removed from the everyday stressors of their lives and can begin the internal work of entering into recovery. Clients have limited access to phone use at the approval of the clinical staff.

Clients are provided with a unique numerical identifier that will act as a phone password, for family members whom the client approves, to contact Tiger Mountain Recovery regarding their treatment. Calls from family members are directed to the clinical staff voice mail.

Family members are encouraged to send letters through the United States Post Office, as their primary contact with clients in treatment. Please have family members address your mail as follows:

Tiger Mountain Recovery
Atten: (your name)
316 West Main Street
Henryetta, OK 74437

Family Day Program & Visitation

Addiction not only affects the individual who is addicted, it affects everyone around them. During the recovery process of the client it is just as important for the family to heal and move on to a healthy life.

At Tiger Mountain each client/family receive support on an individual basis. While the client is dealing with the many facets pertaining to their program, we encourage family members take that time to get ready for the next chapter of their lives in recovery.

Family visits occur on the Saturday from 1-5 , and are scheduled ahead of time for convenience. Visits are monitored and open so families can reconnect with their loved one and allow healing to begin in a neutral and healthy environment. As the client enters the final phase of treatment, the integration of family dynamics are assessed and individual counseling is arranged if needed for a fluent transition to the next phase of the recovery process.

Saturday during Family visits we offer client/family Educational Group sessions that we feel are essential and provide a foundation for better communication and understanding between the family unit as a whole. These groups are focused on family communication, disease process, coping skills, and relapse prevention.

It can not be stressed enough that as important as AA & NA meetings are for the addict, so are Al-Anon meetings essential for the family. The support received from other family members dealing with like issues is un-paralleled. Enablement and Co-dependency can be deal-breakers when it comes to relapse prevention. Please visit www.12step.org to find meeting lists and other resources.

12 Step Meetings- Location: 316 West Main Street Henryetta 

Sunday at 6:30pm 12 Step Work Meeting

Mon-Wed at 7:00pm Closed Meetings

Thursday at 6:00 Family Focus for families of addicted loved ones.

Thursday at 7:00pm Open Meeting

*Clients with minor children may have visits with their children on scheduled family days

It is the client’s responsibility to receive clinical approval at least one week prior to the family visit.

Family visitors who attend the Family Day Program must check in with the administration office upon arrival before visiting client areas. Family members are prohibited from bringing contraband items onto the Tiger Mountain Recovery Campus and are asked to leave all valuable belongings and cell phones in locked vehicles while visiting. Family members bringing items to a client on family day must take all items to be distributed to the administration office at check-in where staff will check items for contraband and distribute to clients later in the day.