Aging Out Alcohol 

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We all think that we know a thing or two about alcohol, but do we really recognize how far its effects go? It may be the surface things about drinking that can speak to us most immediately as women. We're not vain creatures, but we do take the time to make ourselves 'presentable' most days, don't we? What's that really about? Do we want to maximize our good looks through makeup and style, or do we want to live a lifestyle that naturally highlights our god-given grace and charm? This is a wake-up call. It's time to rethink your beauty routine. It doesn’t matter how old you are, drinking is causing you to shrivel up, inside and out. Literally.

In the face of active addiction, this may seem trivial, but I think it's a realistic way to drive the dangers home for all the ladies out there resistant to coming clean on how their lifestyle is really affecting them. Overcoming dependence on alcohol can be a long journey often fraught with uncertainty and fear, but recovery is a state of abundant reclamation. In order to get there, we have to admit to the presenting problems.  If restoring the grace and allure of your life seems tempting, this article is for you. It all begins with unbridled self-awareness. Many people don’t choose to quit drinking out of nowhere, but you don’t have to hit bottom before you make the lifestyle switch. In case you’re struggling with whether or not life without alcohol would be worth it, we’ve compiled a list of things that you may not have thought about considering. Go slowly and contemplate the expense and advantage of this life-changing decision.  Let us help you put your best face forward. You're worth it!

Inside Out

People drink for all kinds of reasons, but if you think that you may have a problem, start by finding out if you are drinking excessively by asking yourself if you exceed daily alcohol limits. Even if you are having more than one drink per day at this point, you are likely to develop a high tolerance for alcohol and will consume more over time. Speaking to your friends and family about your relationship with alcohol is an important step to staying realistic about what is happening in your life in regards to alcohol. Those closest to you will be able to give an honest appraisal of your relationship with drinking if you’re willing to hear it. Although it may be difficult, cutting out alcohol completely has so many physical and mental benefits, there’s no reason to put it off any longer.

What's happening on the inside matters. Like most things in life, it can be easy to overlook things that haven't made themselves 'a big deal', yet. When we do this, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Your body IS a big deal, without it, life as you know it can't continue. Excessive amounts of alcohol are detrimental to your health, in more ways than you may realize. Ravaging your liver, kidneys, and pancreas in ways that severely impact your strength, energy, and general well-being, drinking is never a benign 'hobby'. As it dries your body out through chronic dehydration, all bodily systems take a nosedive. While you can't see it, your stomach lining and internal organs are weakening and deteriorating. Over time, this disrepair causes damage that becomes harder and harder to rebound from.

Our friend Sally, at Your Skin Online, points out that what's happening on the outside is cause for concern too. If you're a drinker that's been wondering, "What the heck up with my skin?!" she has some seriously sobering answers for you. We were lucky enough to have her reveal some of the basics to us, and every one of us had an "AHA" moment in response.  Alcohol is a diuretic which causes dehydration. "Sounds like a little water will do the trick, right?" Not always. Not even close. Immediate dehydration leads dry and dull skin, but chronic dehydration ages you far beyond your years.  It weakens your immune system and makes you vulnerable to illnesses and infections. It's like alcohlism is a time machine that moves you WAY TO quickly in the wrong direction. It drains the body of nutrients that are necessary for proper functioning and repair. It literally robs you of your beauty. In today’s world, drinking is falsely associated with glamor, and the truth is, there is nothing glamorous about it. There is an even stronger link between alcohol consumption and the state of your skin, as she further explains in her article, which warns us all, Bottoms Up...To Your Complexion! 

At first glance, we're talking about a few things that you may find important as a woman:


Flushed, cracked skin

Congested Pores
Thread Veins
Bloated Face and Stomach

Add stinky pores, bad breath and urine on top of all that, and you're not even done with the reality yet. It's a mix that goes against everything that we're trying to project on the daily. Decreased oral health, inflamed eyes, and brittle hair and hair loss scream for a serious change to your beauty routine. What we put into our bodies really does make a huge difference to the results that we get out of it. Unfortunately, no expensive cream or hair product alone can correct these. The alcohol has to exit your system before the makeover can take hold. It's an inside-out transformation that beckons you to inovate. In a sense, entering recovery is like halting that awfuly misguided time jump and stabilizing the speed of 'normal'. It may not be a fountain of youth that can turn back the clock and take us all back to 18, but heck, "we'll take it!" Aging normally with grace sure beats morphing ourselves into premature crypt keepers!

Inner Beauty

Aa alcohol wreaks havoc on your cerebrum, wrecks its cells, and actually causes your mind to contract, you work against even your best intentions. I know, you're thinking, "What the crap?! It's ruining my looks AND my personality?! GRRR!" but yes, it's true.  As drinking and problems escalate, your confidence plummets, you make poorer decisions, and who wants that? Lack of sleep and cruddy eating habits cause further decline. It's a spiral that comes on so slowly, it can be hard to notice at first. Once the tell-tale signs set it, you better get moving. Your mind becomes more and more susceptible as it relaxes into faulty thinking patterns and your emotional state goes haywire amidst growing denial, delusion and dysfunction. In short, inner beauty wanes as your mind and body become lost in the drink. You are far too beautiful of a woman to be drown out like that.

Physical Benefits of NOT Drinking

I’ll be honest, like your last hangover, acute alcohol withdrawal isn’t a walk in the park. You know what I'm talking about. True detox requires a long-term mindset and determination to make a significant change. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. WAY WORTH IT! Better sleep, weight loss, decreased wrinkles, clearer complexion, and more supple skin are just a few of the exterior benefits as you enter into early recovery. Over time, your liver fat will decrease, the immune system improves, and the only thing left shrinking is your risk for certain cancers.  As your physical body stabilizes, your mental capacity to make consistently rational decisions improves your life tenfold. Life without alcohol is an all around rescue.

Mental and Emotional Restoration

As you move forward in life without alcohol, the quality of your thoughts, choices, and social connections improve. While it may seem strenuous to stay out of old patterns at first glance, in time, you discover a whole new world of friend and family relationships. Before long, you find yourself gifted with all the time, vitality, and support for focusing on and achieving everything that booze put on the back burner. In recovery, life without booze is a dream come true. As your inner and outer beauty gleams and regains its luster, you catapult yourself into a new realm of possibility. If you are ready to quit drinking, we are here to help. Be HER! #Healed #Empowered #Recovered You’re worth it.

Special Thanks to Our Guest Contributor!

Our Guest Contributor is Sally Perkins, a freelance health writer. I felt it important to write a piece covering the damage it does including drying the skin and making it vulnerable to long-term health problems. Drinking problems take a visible toll.


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