Excited About Recovery

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Excited About Recovery

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Once you delve into life in Recovery, IT becomes your new habit. As new doors open in your life through healed emotions, relationships, and gratitude, it is important to make sure that you adjust your recovery activities with the new changes. Like all habits, good or bad, habits simply end up being something that is integrated into your habitual daily routines. While this is great news on one hand, it also means that you must revive your enthusiasm and engagement in your recovery from time to time. 



Continuity of care, reliable treatment structure, and repetition are core necessities of successful addiction treatment, but they are no reason for clients, or practitioners, to get stuck in a redundancy rut.! There is ample opportunity to reframe content, processes, and progression through stages of change that keep everyone intent, in tune, and enthused about recovery. Take time to seek out the strategies that work for you and dive in!



Get excited about emerging CAM research, incorporate alternate addiction recovery philosophies, and follow trending addiction stories in the media. When you share the results of your investigation with your clients to cover required content in fresh new ways, they benefit exponentially! Seeing, understanding, and noticing recovery in action is a HUGE step towards being able to implement it on a personal level. Amp up your own excitement to inspire action. The same routine gets old no matter what you're doing. Don't be afraid to jazz up your recovery efforts with new activities and routines from time to time. 


When you are continually educated and motivated about what’s new in the world of addiction and research, it’s easier to stay upbeat about covering all of your required educational and therapeutic bases. Maintain your zestful passion for content driven care. Sign up for newsletters, follow recovery groups on social media and let your recovery start working for you, while you're working it into your life. 


NEVER take your recovery for granted. It is only through dedication and gratitude that your days become months, your months become years, and your truly recovery becomes the intrinsic way of life that you choose to live. Honoring your recovery through periodic re-framing, re-excitement, and re-motivation for the way in which it enriches your life is key to keeping you mindful of the present and prepared to take your recovery with you, no matter what the future may bring. 


Recovery Is Possible!
Meg Glidden, MS, NCC

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