Family Support

It is hard to admit it, but the addict is not the only one with the problem. Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone involved – even the sober members. Simply getting off of the drugs does not support long-term recovery goals. The addict AND his/her family need to change their thoughts, and behaviors to support healthy interactions that support long-term change and prosperity for all parties involved. Program participants are encouraged to work on addiction, individual and “us” issues separately and actively for the long-term. The co-addictive relationships and behaviors that commonly occur in the aftermath of dealing with an addiction cause dishonesty, loss of self-esteem, & betrayal, among other things. Love is not a feeling – it is action and commitment.

The staff at Tiger Mountain Recovery encourages all family members to embark on their own personal recovery journey while there loved once is receiving substance abuse treatment. There are a variety of support groups, education, and resources available to families and we hope that you will take full advantage of them as you, and your loved one, recover. Changes are scary and everyone needs help. Treatment is a spiritual process that leads to emotional independence and healing.

12 Step Meetings- Location: 316 West Main Street Henryetta 

Sunday at 6:30pm 12 Step Work Meeting

Mon-Wed at 7:00pm Closed Meetings

Thursday at 6:00 Family Focus for families of addicted loved ones.

Thursday at 7:00pm Open Meeting