Finance Fix

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Finance Fix

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Fixing your finances after rehab is a walk in the park compared to the healing that you’ve already done. You’re clean. You’re Sober. There is nothing that you can’t face with confidence after that. You already know that there is no such thing as a healthy "quick fix" so you approach it the same as your recovery; slow and steady, one thing at a time. No more money being thrown into the bottomless pit of using is AN EXCELLENT START that you've already made! 


While you know that putting your recovery activities on cruise control isn’t the best method for success. But what if I told you that you don’t have to weigh yourself down in order to keep your financial restart on track? After you’ve set up your new budget, you don’t have to muddle up your daily focus with finances. It’s a set it and forget it way to contribute to your positive financial future, so you can stayed geared into your recovery. Think about how much you were spending a day in active addiction; be willing to save at least half of that as your pave your way forward.



.25 per day = $91.25 per year.

$1 per day = $365 per year

$5.51 per day (Average cost of a pack of cigarettes) = $2,011.15



Still Not Sure Where To Start?

Check with your existing bank to see what is already available to you. Many banks and credit unions offer a variety of programs to help you make your goals a reality. To us, ease of use is key, and what better way to start than from your smartphone.

Some of our favorites are:



For short term goals like a therapy fund, or treatment payment savings, Digit allows you to place money in a separate account, using  an algorithm that anticipates what little bits of change you won't miss based on your historical spending habits. The money is just simply there and you have quick access to it via text anytime that you need it. 

Personal Review: I’ve become a huge fan of Digit over the past twelve months. I personally decided to use it to help me with the “extra” expenses that always seem to creep into my budget that I’m not otherwise prepared for. You know, the extra $64 fee that the dentist just sent me a bill for, the flat tire that had to be replaced in a rush, etc. Digit has a quick turn around time transferring money BACK into my checking account when I need it most. I may not have been able to anticipate these things, but I freak out WAY LESS now that I have a fund to help me address life, as life happens.



Set a goal, any goal! Maybe after one year sober, Reward yourself in a big way! - Each goal of your relapse prevention plan is broken down into small doable steps, right? Just use the same approach with the big things in your life that need a financial backing to materialize. 


Personal Review: Stash can be a faster or slower savings strategy, depending on what you have drafted into it. I wanted to start this one slow enough that I truly didn't miss the money, and steadily enough that it started accumulating. Withdrawals require about a 10 day disbursement time so this one serves a specific purpose for me. I only put $10 a week in, but when I think about how I'm going to treat myself to something that I've really been wanting at the 1 year mark, IT'S WORTH IT! I'M WORTH IT, and SO ARE YOU!! Need more incentive to get going: Here’s $5, to try this out!



Very similar to Stash, this is a separated investment account that you need to plan ahead if you need to make a withdrawal. I encourage you to make a fund for “one-day” that isn’t TODAY. As the value accumulates and you resist the urge to dip into it all willy-nilly, you notice that your anxieties about money are way lessened.

Personal Review: In one year, I was able to sock $1,750.33 away. Don’t get me wrong…This one is hard not to touch. There are days when I want to transfer all of that money back into my account and just go buck wild! LUCKILY, this money is not so readily available (Approximately a 10 day turnaround to withdrawal), so it’s not victim to my fleeting impulses or emotional knee-jerk reactions. The first year that I used it, I did cash out long enough to address some debt that I finally got to quit looming over my head, and then I immediately started saving again. Even on days when I'm "broke", I can breathe my way through it easier knowing that I have this set aside. 



It wasn’t easy; but it was worth it!

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