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Successfully living with mental illness in recovery starts with a focus on overall wellness. When we are actively ‘sick’ and stuck in a state of dis-ease, there is a low quality of well-being. We want to help you boost your sense of vigor with an increased sense of wholeness. Addiction and recovery are about living in a state of balance across all areas of your life. In this harmony, we experience the best of recovery and strengthen our ability to remain blissfully sober. With the end of the year close at hand, now is a great time to consider how you want to cultivate greater wellness in the new year. New beginnings are just around the bend. SMART recovery tools help us to examine areas of life that require our attention. In identifying our needs, we can start developing positive solutions. Mindful life changes are a loving affirmation of our dedication to recovery.

 Eight Dimensions of Wellness

1. Emotional - Checking in with your own emotional energy, on a daily basis, can usually tell you everything that you need to know about what’s going on with you. When we are fraught with heightened feelings, we aren’t able to think as logically and appropriately as we are capable of doing. Acknowledging your emotions allows you to process them more effectively and migrate from frenzy to calm.
2. Environmental - Pleasant environments help you to relax, reflect, and recharge from the hustle of life.Is your home environment supporting you with healthy and meaningful stimulation? If not, what steps could you take to improve the serenity of your space?
3. Financial - Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, “The first wealth is health” and he’s right, but health is best supported by minimizing stress. Finances are a common area of stress in the world today. Reducing financial stress is as simple as budgeting, prioritizing, and sticking to a plan. Are your finances mindfully on track with your life goals? Take a few steps toward financial wellness and watch your stress melt away.
4. Intellectual - Are you making time to create? Through expanding your skills and knowledge you inspire yourself to unlock new levels of wellness. Creative expression is the mind’s way of increased emotional processing and growth. Through routine focus on intellectual stimulation brain health expands.
5. Occupational - Much of our adult lives is spent working, therefore, a healthy relationship with your work and occupational environment heavily dictates your sense of satisfaction with life in general. Do you have a positive attitude about your work? In embodying the principles of gratitude we find that even the most mundane daily tasks are capable of providing immense joy. Find ways to enrich your personal sense of accomplishment through your work.
6. Physical - If our basic needs aren’t met, it’s hard to thrive. Physical needs must always come first. We know that being hungry, angry, lonely, or tired only complicates everything else. Food, water, warmth, and sleep are the building blocks of our ability to cope with life. Are you taking care of your body’s needs?What subtle improvements can be made to your basic physical needs that will have the biggest impact on your overall health?
7. Social - Satisfying relationships provide you with healthy and safe connections with other people. Your personal sense of belonging stems from a solid support system. How is your current social environment holding up? Do you need more positive connection with loved ones, or are you in need of stepping back and taking a break? Check-in and evaluate where your social thermostat needs to adjust. Have some fun with your social network!
8. Spiritual - Purpose and meaning expand through regular spiritual work. Staying in touch with your spiritual needs makes connection to your sense of purpose a fluid and guiding factor in your life. Like any relationship, this must be actively tended to in order to persist. Look for ways to thread your spiritual devotion into your day.
Recovery is a continual revival of nurturing and renewing yourself. Through healing, you are helping each other accept longevity. Take your overall well-being seriously. Handling your wellness makes it possible to best deal with whatever life throws at you. When we fill whole along the 8 facets of life, we are more robust in coping when one area starts to fall a little short.

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