Individual Treatment

Tiger Mountain Recovery is like no other treatment facility you have ever heard about. WHY? Because we have developed our programming to be client driven based on each identified need and goal. How we do this differently is by focusing on three categories-

HEALING, body/medically- TMR was developed as a co-occurring treatment program. Onsite Treatment and observation help us better identify any issues to either correct or connect you to treatment as appropriate. Our team is adept at issues that often present as the body becomes alive again without unneeded chemicals. Pain management may be a real issue in maintaining a healthy balance, we have many chronic pain treatments and therapies that can be accessed to help you attain your goal of living pain-free. 

EMPOWERING, mind/spirit- The first and foremost issue that has brought you to our website is you/or someone you know have lost control of your ability to live fully. TMR developed our program specifically for women because we know that 99% of women in addiction are here because of a real or perceived betrayal so deep that it changed the course of life path. The only way to be able to move forward is with true health and EMPOWERMENT. All aspects of our programing at TMR creates an environment to Empower YOU. Our specialized team is fully trained and possesses the experience to help you gain control in every aspect of life by guiding you through each step and over each obstacle. If you are ready we are!

RECOVERING, wellbeing/relationships/job- Choosing the correct recovery center is of utmost importance. While we see our program working for those who are ready, we have also had clients that didn't know what they needed or expected. The most asked ? is: How long do I have to stay? We have consistently seen improved success with a full 90-day treatment (there are clinical reasons for this timeframe).  The truth is it is up to you unless court or otherwise ordered.  That means when you and Treatment Team see the growth of your goals your Life Graduation date is set. 

12 Questions to Ask Yourself
How often are you using?
Has there been a change in your pattern/frequency of use in the last 6 months?
In what environments do you use (work, home, bars)?
How long has it been since you went without using anything?
Do you use drugs and/or alcohol while taking prescription medication?
Do you use in the morning to get your day started?
Do you get aggravated when other people criticize your use?
Have you ever experienced health problems as a result of your use?
Have you ever experienced social problems as a result of your use?
Has use ever caused you to be late to or miss work?
Has use affected your home life and/or relationships?
Have you ever been told by a professional that you should consider cutting down or stopping?


Take that step TODAY don't wait.