Life Skills In Action

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Life Skills In Action

Activities of daily living and coping skills


Addiction recovery is far more than an individual simply coming off of drugs and alcohol. Recovery is a process of learning how to live effectively as an individual, as well as within social, and family units. While lifelong participation in 12 step programs and therapy or support groups assists individuals with maintaining focus on the practical aspects of their sobriety, the rest of the long-term lifestyle changes are left up to the initiative of the individual.


Get motivated!


The more life skills that you learn, the more you’ll want. Sure, at first, meeting those activities of daily living can be an adjustment but afterwards, you’re ready to keep on progressing!


Day to day implementation of ADLs and coping skills varies widely person to person. The great thing is that you can account for your own personal needs here as well as your unique family structure and individual interests. In order to establish how to live constructively and independently for long term success, you get to tailor your recovery efforts to what you really need most. This is a process of empowerment! At Tiger Mountain Recovery, we initiate the process by exposing you to the importance of these activities through our targeted programming.


The emotional and spiritual journey of finding solace in your ability to take care of yourself with conviction is priceless. Regaining the ability to tackle everyday life with confidence is an amazing accomplishment. An accomplishment that helps you stay on the path to recovery.


We see great importance in enrichment activities and them abundantly available on the ranch. All activities are designed to enhance your understanding of how various hobbies and interests demand a certain level of dedication, responsibility, and active effort. Enrichment activities are an enjoyable reprieve that supports recovery. They also support the development of necessary coping skills. As you begin to re-establish your personal senses of work ethic, pride in your abilities, and self esteem through participation, your confidence returns with zest. This exposure allows you to practice coping skills and gain familiarity with what it is like to overcome your obstacles instead of ignoring or running away from them. We help you reinstate stability in your life, without reverting to old behaviors.


As you learn to love what you're doing, and watch your capabilities unfold; you can't imagine drowning it all out again. Come learn and heal with us. You are a treasure trove of skills waiting to be discovered. 


Skills Target Meaning Aptitude, Competence And Abilities
Skills Target Meaning Aptitude, Competence And Abilities

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