Post Treatment “Cents”

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Post Treatment "Cents"

Calculating The Household Budget

Life after treatment can be reminiscent of cleaning up after a storm. Whatever obstacles that you encounter as you wipe the slate clean and reset your life, you're one smart cookie if you take the time to get your finance skills straightened out sooner rather than later. Like any other priority: it's all about mindset. Life in active addiction was chaos, life in recovery is getting yourself streamlined for serenity. Better decisions today, yield a better tomorrow. Day by day, we ease into the abundant flow of a better life. It makes "cents" no matter how you slice it. 


Beware of Dysfunctional Thoughts


When it comes to money, you DO have enough to spare for your goals. You have the means to make a difference. It may not be the amount that you want just yet, but you're prepared to start out with what you have. Gratitude makes this clear.  You already have what it takes. The evidence of this is simple: if you were able to find money to use before rehab, you’re more than capable of finding money to save now. Let no negative thought, impulse to procrastinate, or delusion that it can wait until tomorrow stand in your way. No more fuss, no more fights. Money is what it is, and we're going to use it, and everything else, to make our new life everything that we want it to be.

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Remember, for everything that we take away from our life, we add in something positive of far greater value. Recovery isn’t about deprivation. Recovery is a state of serenity: focused, routine movement forward, entrenched with gratitude.


Money Is A Tool


One of the top stressors in most people’s life, is the number of dollars that they have, or lack of such dollars, to meet their goals and needs. Everyone has an individualized idea of what money has, how bad they need it, or an emotional response to how desperately you want more of it. In recovery, we're not desperate anymore. We know that our emotional response to money is but a fleeting and temporary feeling. We know that in reality, money is just a tool that we can use to employ and make our ends meet.  We want you to find the momentum to meet the needs of the dollar with momentum!


Just as we seize each day as a monumental step in our journey to longterm recovery, we can seize each penny as a mighty step in regaining our financial fitness.What you may not have is a plan in place to reinforce them, so let’s fix that! Now that you are empowered and focused on recovery, let’s put all of those relapse prevention goals into financial focus.


First Things First


Go ahead and accept that EVERYONE has bills. When you emerge back into life after rehab, it’s a great time to utilize your new coping skills, starting with your very own pocket book. REDEFINE your new normal. You’ve already learned a ton of new skills, so don’t stop there.


Put Yourself First In All Ways


While everyone knows that a budget is the crux of your financial future, few people take advantage of the automated savings programs that can help make it happen. If cash savings isn't doing you any good because you're always dipping your finger into the pot, it's time to try these out .


Learn to Budget


Treatment was the best investment that you could have made for yourself. Now that you've made that initial investment, it's time to keep contributing. Learn new things, ask for help, and do what it takes to keep on thriving. 


Remember Your Relapse Prevention Plan


Chances are, that when you were working up your relapse prevention plan for life after treatment, you were understandably focused on one thing and one thing alone: maintaining sobriety. Understandably, this is the one point of focus that the rest of your life balances upon. As you start living your life of recovery, you will realize time and again how intertwined all areas of growth and success in your life depend on your sobriety. This is the most worthy task that you have. Let your dedication to your recovery breathe life and positivity into every area of living that you can. 




Active addiction leaves a lot of money unaccounted for. Recovery swings the pendulum back in the other direction. We know where our money goes, we confidently decided where to steer it, and we don't hesitate to talk about it and hold ourselves accountable for every choice that we make. We are empowered to move forward in recovery. From our individual paths to our pockets, we let where we've been teach us the lessons of where we really want to go. The sky is the limit. 


Compounded Effort


The first few months are an adjustment as your brain resets to a budget savvy lifestyle. The clarity and awareness of your drug free lifestyle are your number one asset in all areas of your life. Good daily choices for your recovery, are also good daily choices for your financial life. Stay focused on taking care of yourself in all of the best ways possible. Get your savings on autopilot and you’re already taking another vital step in turning your dreams into the reality of your sexy, sober life. One step at a time.

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