Recovery Isn’t Boring.

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Recovery Isn't Boring

It's Anything But.

Recovery is freedom, and that’s not boring. For a lot of people, the idea of recovery means that something is taken away from your life. In truth, that’s only kind of true. What if someone told you that by taking steps away from certain things, you can breathe LIFE back into the lifeless depths of your addiction ridden routine? That is the bliss of recovery.


It peels away the drugs, confusion, and drama that’s been plaguing your life, but it puts a lot more back. When you take away drugs and alcohol, you find a clarity that immediately empowers you to make necessary changes. Even if you don’t like what you see at first, there is no more confusion about how to stop digging yourself into a hole. With clarity, that hole opens up into a sprawling canvas that’s just waiting for you to create a masterpiece.


Recovery is about seeing the potential that lies in the wreckage of something that’s coming to an end. It is, in every respect, a new beginning. As you learn to sort through the wreckage of the past and where it’s led you; you realize that anything that you’re “giving up”, really needs to go anyways, because there is SO MUCH MORE out there for you than what you’ve been able to see.


In recovery, you get to know who you really are. Trust me, it is not a boring adventure. It’s a journey back to your true self. You get back in touch with what you’re made of. No more crying helplessly that you’re “doing the best that you can”, or making excuses for why things in your life keep going bad. Recovery takes the very best parts of you, and takes them to the next level.


We know that change isn’t easy, but it’s WORTH IT!


When you know what you value, the path ahead is clear. Have confidence that life can take you higher than drugs, without chaos and destruction. "Chasing the dragon” causes a tunnel vision that loses touch with the simple and positive activities of daily living. We must remind ourselves that the drive to live a positive life remains within us always. How triumphant are those who overcome obstacles and reach their goals despite all odds? Let us gain strength through understanding that our "limitations" are only given power when we believe that they exist. No longer shall we deprive ourselves of living. No longer shall we let dysfunction rule our minds. Never again will we claim defeat in the face of our addiction. Let us instead find our own resilience.

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