The Art of Recovery

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Time spent on spirit crafts is a wellspring of personal growth and transformation. At Tiger Mountain Recovery, we utilize art as an opportunity to express yourself, articulate your thoughts and feelings and learn how to respect and connect with others. Art, like therapy, is a process of transformation. Creation is a building block of recovery. Addiction is a tragedy, this we already know, but recovery an odyssey. An inner quest of self-exploration that pushes us to trek into uncharted territory. We bend, we flex, we grow.

Spirit Crafts

We consider all of our recovery art projects to be spirit crafts. Through the integrative focus on mind, body, and spirit we are best able to be present for ourselves in each moment of healing. Spirit crafting is recovery art at it’s finest. Whether you’re on the ranch with us, working diligently on your recovery at home, or just trying to utilize art as a coping mechanism, we hope that you’ll find expressive projects as powerfully insightful as our recovery warriors have here. As always, focus on wellness above all else.

Use Art to Consider

It’s the invisible things that can be some of the most significant hurdles in exploring one’s mental health. Through art, we can give outward expression to internal truths which enables us to facilitate a more in-depth dialogue. Coping with life on life’s terms is a skill, and by definition, we must develop our techniques for doing so. The artistry of creative expression provides a hands-on medium for what is intrinsically taking place in addiction recovery treatment. If you find yourself in need of inspiration to help you get started, check out these 5 Recovery Books for Women.

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