The Tiger Mountain Difference

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There are a lot of drug and alcohol treatment options out there and people often ask, "How are you any different from the rest?" While our ranch program exudes a serene country appeal, we also make sure that our ladies aren't just cooped up in the lodge all day. Getting yourself recentered requires more than just constant therapy confined within the walls of traditional treatment.  The Tiger Mountain difference lies in the actionable lessons and the landscape. For every storm that's inside you, we help you find your path again. Our structure ensures that you learn to recover beyond the four walls of any particular philosophy. We give you the chance to practice and refine your new skills before you go home. From admission to graduation, we see you and meet you where you’re at. You are nurtured and challenged as you work to veer yourself back to center.

Individualized Care

When life spits you out into places that you could have never imagined, we help you RESET. We know that life isn’t always easy. We understand that you have to heal. We help you recover and plan for the goals and ambitions that lie ahead. For everything that you learn to let go of in recovery, we help you replace it with something brilliant instead. By preparing you to hone in on your unique skills and strengths, you leave our mountain ready for the next chapter of your life. Through recovery, you find yourself again. Not once and for all, but over and over as you continue to evolve.

We provide dual diagnosis addiction treatment designed specifically for women. Keeping those unique struggles in mind, we know that lasting recovery and healing happen from within each of you. Our clinical program facilitates client-centered care that gets you where you want to go. Once you’ve been given the tools and education to get there, we help you normalize the daily activities that realign your life. Our therapeutic mix of psychotherapy, education, and process work is designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to successfully understand yourselves, cope with your disease, and move forward with confidence.

Treatment To Suit Your Needs

We know that you are a woman cut from unique cloth. Our staff is dedicated to honoring that. Client driven treatment means that you are given the tools that promote your individual success. We prescribe a variety of treatment plans based on the psychological methods and models that work best with your particular blend of cognitive, spiritual, and personality type. You're encouraged to grow and flourish in news ways every day of your stay with us. Finding your personal framework means giving you the room that you need to make that transition. We don’t want you to fit the mold; we want you to break it! Getting in touch with your best self means learning how to heal from your own genuine perspective. We focus on empowering you to build resilience and recover from the addiction that’s clouding your view. We prepare you to blossom into the woman that you were meant to be, not just during treatment, but for every year of your life that lies ahead.

That's how we're different. We want you to be H.E.R.

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