Treatment Programs

Tiger Mountain Recovery offers a variety of substance abuse programs to fit the varying needs of clients. Out-patient and Intensive Outpatient programs are designed to work with a client’s everyday schedule and residential and partial hospitalization programming is a full-time, live-in treatment atmosphere.

12 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. How often are you using drugs and/or alcohol?
  2. Has there been a change in your pattern and/or frequency of use in the last 6 months?
  3. In what environments do you use (work, home, bars)?
  4. How long has it been since you went without using drugs or alcohol?
  5. Do you use drugs and/or alcohol while taking prescription medication?
  6. Do you use in the morning to get your day started?
  7. Do you get aggravated when other people criticize your use?
  8. Have you ever experienced health problems as a result of your use?
  9. Have you ever experienced social problems as a result of your use?
  10. Has use ever caused you to be late to or miss work?
  11. Has use affected your home life and/or relationships?
  12. Have you ever been told by a professional (therapist, physician, or social worker) that you should consider cutting down or stopping drugs and/or alcohol?

The decision to enter into treatment is life-changing. All potential clients are pre-screened during the intake process to ensure proper placement into a treatment program that is appropriate for their particular circumstances.

If you are not sure which degree of treatment is appropriate for you at this time, please contact an admissions coordinator for assessment. 877-698-4437