Our residential program is designed specifically for women with substance dependency issues. Here, in our serene environment, with programs to instill peace in mind, body and spirit, you and your family can begin the journey of reclaiming your lives. Every moment spent here, has a purpose. Your treatment is tailored around the disease model of addiction, emphasizing complete abstinence through the incorporation of 12 step principles, while also providing focus on the 8 essential aspects of a well-balanced life, identified as Health- Spiritual & Physical, Relationships, Learning, Environment, Work, Finances, Achievement, & Fun.

Our residential program encompasses all traditional aspects of substance abuse treatment with an infusion of quality life skills training, self-care strategies, conduct management and coping skills that you can take with you upon discharge as an additional relapse prevention measure. We strive to identify, support, and develop your social and vocational skills through our recreational and equine programs to enrich your daily lives while you are here and to better prepare you for potential challenges upon returning home. Our focus is on the transition and early recovery portions of substance abuse treatment.

Program Modules

Education and activities address the themes of Recovery Principles, Stages of Recovery, Co-occurring, PTSD, Pain Management specialty Diagnosis Education, Prevention, Triggers/Reducers, Coping Skills, Codependency, Grief & Loss, Resentments, Family Dynamics, Women’s Issues, Trauma, Tolerations, Spiritual Development

Equine Therapy –  EMDR for trauma  –   – Self Esteem Projects  –  Addiction Education Groups – Parenting – Anger Management  –  Family Dynamics – Individual  –  Process Groups


Statistics show that a 90 day model of treatment is most effective in long-term success in relapse prevention. Our treatment program is based on the 90 day program model with an 80% success rate. Individual client success during treatment will be assessed throughout the program by our qualified Treatment Team- Psychiatrist, Master Counselor, CADC, and support staff with the client on a continual basis.