Treatment Groups

Residential treatment is comprised of a variety of daily treatment groups. Treatment groups provide tools that help prepare you to turn your life around. You are given the opportunity  to express yourself, articulate your thoughts and feelings and learn how to respect and connect with others while being exposed to extensive education on how addiction works and how recovery can empower you to turn it all around.

Self Esteem Building Groups

15 hours a week are dedicated to internal self group activities such as Equine, Barn & Garden, Life Skills (personal, domestic or career focused). These activities are focused on challenging oneself and completing tasks then processing the feelings, thoughts, and coping skills that are being used or needed. This is an empowering portion of our program that allows the client to learn to take true control of their life.

Core Groups

10 hours a week are dedicated to core group participation.  Core group curriculum is comprised of education and activities that address the themes of Recovery Principles, Stages of Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Triggers/Reducers, Coping Skills, Codependency, Grief & Loss, Resentments, Family Dynamics, Women’s Issues, Trauma, Tolerations.

Process Groups

5 Process Groups- The onset of recovery is often filled with an overwhelming realization of many thoughts, emotions, and realities that are, at times, difficult to digest. Daily Process groups give clients the opportunity to work through their emotions and experiences to clear the path for a future unclouded by wounds of the past.

Individual Process

Daily or Weekly -Clients are individually processed by their primary counselor, the frequency is based on the plan of treatment. With a total census of 10 residential clients the client is afforded a very individual and comprehensive plan of care specializing in Trauma specific co-occurring treatment with EMDR capability.

12 Steps Work

Clients will work through the twelve steps of recovery with guided meetings by our CADC twice weekly. Clients are expected to participate in 12 step meetings either as a group in our residential facility or may choose to attend our sponsored 12 step meetings at our Outpatient office as plan of treatment allows.

Treatment Team

The treatment team holds comprehensive staffing of each client on a weekly and as needed basis. The treatment team at TMRC is comprised of the following:

Physician, Clinical Director NCC, Program Director-LPC, LADC, CADC, and qualified support staff.