You Have Not Fallen Too Far

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You Have Not Fallen Too Far

As we say hello to Autumn, let us each be filled with the courage for renewal. Let us each take a moment to really notice the paths behind and before us. This journey isn’t over. Let us reflect and reframe our lives so that we are more sure of where we are going. No matter what the world looks like around you; You have not fallen too far. Even when we think that we know where we are, there is always more to be seen, if we only open our eyes to it. Breathe in the possibility of reaching a whole new level of success, and climbing farther than you’ve ever imagined.

Cooler air envelopes the land,
as we wistfully pause to see where we stand.
Upon us is a season of reflective transition and change.
We work mindfully towards harvest of a a personal range.

Blind is she who walks without purpose.
We are not blind.
Lonely is she who loses love for herself.
We are not alone.
Stubborn is she who thinks there is nothing else.
We are ready to see what’s next.
Let a loving perspective fill you with hope
so that you can see yourself clearly again.

You are worth it.


The beauty of "choice" is easily seen when those who have fallen, fall into place. It is the strength that we’ve gained through the grit of our struggle that allows us to find our way out of darkness. No matter the stumbles that may have distracted you, you are capable of finding your serenity again. There are plenty of warriors ready to lift you up whenever you are willing to accept it. Whether you’re finding your place in recovery for the first time, or trying to find your way back to it, there is no failure in a life that colorfully leads you to where you’re supposed to be. If you’re feeling despair in the depths of addiction but are fearful to make the climb, let us show you how to fall gracefully back into place. What will you choose? 



Fall In To New Habits.

Out with the old.
In with the new.
Replenish your soul.
Recharge your recovery.


 Fall into Healing.

It is not without struggle, this journey to well-being.
Let no nonsense stray into your path.
Those who stay true to themselves always find grace again.


Fall Into Mindfulness.

With each step of a new day,
we reflect on what has been without fear,
accept what is now with gratitude,
and peer confidently into the unknown.


Fall Into Communication

There has never been a story told that means more than your own.
The honesty of our outlook confounds the greed of dysfunction.
Our willingness to share our story opens us up to a better tomorrow.
Speak with confidence. Listen with integrity.
Let your relationships teach you what you need to know.


Fall Into Faith

Let Autumn fill you with comfort.
Prepare yourself for the triumphs that lie ahead.


Fall Into Gratitude

Gratitude thrives.
Greed fights to survive.
Transition with contentment into a new kind of bliss.
There is no more fight, only blissful thriving.


Fall Into Friendship

Like the seasons themselves,
may you take stock people who are helpful.
Distance yourself from those who bring you harm.
Make no time for the unnecessary.
Embrace those who see your possibilities.


Fall Into Recovery

When we truly let go,
we may never uncover what we felt was missing,
but we find instead exactly what it is that we need to be whole again.


You didn’t halfway live your addiction. It was all encompassing in a way that smothered every drop of your brilliance. We want you to re-ignite your spark. You can’t afford to halfway attempt your recovery, but the journey is not always an arduous uphill battle. We don’t want to change you; we can’t, just as no-one else who’s tried to change you has succeeded. We want to give you an opportunity to change yourself into the person that you want to be. We want to see the person that you can be. We want to make finding your place in recovery easy, so that you can do the hard work of breathing life back into yourself.

Recovery can be the most freeing fall you’ve ever experienced, if you’re brave enough to free-fall into it. Fall away from the negativity, the despair, and the fear that you don’t have the strength. Fall instead into something that will keep you healing and recovering with empowered inspiration, long after that first step.


Recovery Is Possible!
Meg Glidden, MS, NCC


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